Special Services free of charge if you rent a bike with us:

    • 1 drinking bottle per rental bike for free.
    • Insurance against any kind of damage to the rental bike (NB no insurance against theft). Please have a look at our Rental conditions
      Bike cleaning after the rental period

    More EXTRAS but only for road bikes, C – D – S, hybrid bike F, and MTB bike E. 
    The Velo Sport Service Kit. 

    This includes:
    1 spare tyre – 3 inner tubes – 1 bottle of chain oil – some cable ties – 1 set of plastic gloves – 1 multi tool
    If you need a new tyre, because  the tyre on your bike is heavily worn, replace the tyre and return the worn tyre to us when you return the bike. We will not charge for the tyre if the old one is clearly badly worn out. If you damage a tyre, you pay for the replacement at the very reasonable cost of € 15,-. 
    If you need inner tubes you can buy inner tubes from the bag for € 3,- each. 
    As a souvenir you can take home with you a small saddle bag incl. 2 tyre levers and a water bottle.

    radtasche radtasche rennrad
    Service Kit MTB Service Kit Road Racer
    As a souvenir you will get a small saddle bag incl. 2 tyre levers.