Radtyp GNew Type G Mountain Bike – E-MTB from Trek
    When I started Velo Sport 20 years ago I never imagined that I would see the day when I would be renting electric bikes. However as times change and as technology advances we have seen that electric bikes are becoming more and more popular and they open up the sport of cycling to people of all levels, which is a great thing. Our type B electric trekking bikes are very popular and we wouldn’t be without them. As electric bikes have gained popularity on the mountain bike scene we have seen much more demand for them so from 01/01/2017 we will stock the TREK Powerfly 5 E-MTB for rental.
    Customer Loyalty Card
    From 01/01/17 we will introduce the ‘Velo Sport Card’. We acknowledge and are very grateful that many of you rent bikes regularly from us. In return we would like to thank you by making every 5th reservation, after 4 reservations of 4 days or more, free.

    Free Local Delivery
    Thanks to your continued support of Velo Sport we have been able to put money back into the business and pass on a number of savings and offers to you. One of these is that from 01/10/16 we will provide free delivery/pick up of bikes in the Felanitx area corresponding to ‘delivery zone LZ10’ (see our delivery information page on the website).