Booking Fee
    In the last 3 years, the process of taking bike reservations has become much more time consuming. It has become more common to reserve bikes many months and even up to a year in advance to ensure bikes are available. Then in many cases, shortly before arrival, many things change (arrival times, number of participants, specific bike requests etc.). Invariably this results in increased work for us. In some cases, bookings have to be completely “rebuilt” which can take up to an hour, especially during the high season. In order to keep the bike rental prices as they are there will be a small booking fee of € 5 for each booking (not per bike) from 2018.

    Liability in the case of accidents
    Up to now we have had the “bike repair fund” (see booking conditions) which covered most damage through accidents for most of our bike range. However, with a strong rise in rentals we have also seen a rise in the general ‘mis-use’ of the bikes which has resulted in more types of ‘everyday’ damage to the frames, wheels, and components of the bike. A quote from one cyclist says “I am happy to rent such a great bike as I can ride it much harder and treat it as I would never treat my own bike because I know it will need a total service after my training here”. Therefore, from 2018 for bicycle accidents the person renting the bike will be 100% responsible. The cost of repair will have to be paid to VeloSport before leaving Mallorca. Furthermore, bike and\or person pick-ups from the place of an accident will be charged at 50 Euros.

    Bike Typ D 2018 - TREK EMONDA SL7
    After introducing the TREK EMONDA SL7 in 2017 we have decided to offer these exclusively in our D type carbon Ultegra Di2 range and phase out the STEVENS XENON. The Trek is of similar weight but has a much more robust frame and a more comfortable geometry perfect for those long training rides.

    Popular and sought after Velo Sport Client Card
    After introducing the Velo Sport Client Card this year it has become the most coveted item amongst clients who rent 2 or 3 times in the year. Many clients who come in Spring have gone on to rent bikes from us again on their 2nd or 3rd trip to Mallorca as they valued our service, felt well looked after by us and of course begin to fill up their card! See Velo Sport Client Card.