Rental Conditions

    • What happens if I cancel a reservation I made?
      Cancellation of a bike reservation:
      Cancellation up to 30 days before the 1st rental day, you do not pay anything.
      Cancellation between 29 days and 14 days before the 1st rental day, you pay 50%.
      Cancellation between 13 days and 7 days before the 1st rental day, you pay 80%.
      Cancellation 6 days or less before the 1st rental day, you pay 100%. 
      Cancellations must be in writing via e-mail or fax.
    • Handing over the bike 
      The hirer receives the bike in a perfect technical, safe and clean condition. 
      The hirer checks this condition immediately and confirms the perfect condition with his signature on the rental contract.
    • Payment
      The full rental amount has to be paid in cash (Euro) at the moment of handing over the bicycle. NB. We do not accept debit/credit cards.
    • Repair of damage during the rental period – “Bike Repair Fund”
      Many people have asked us if we offer any kind of insurance in case a bike gets damaged or stolen. So far we have not been able to find a company which would take this risk and offer such insurance. I got the idea, that the big “Velo Sport Team Rental Family” could insure cases of bike damage by itself. So, from now on 2 € of every bike rental goes to the “Bike Repair Fund”. If you rent bikes of the categories A, B, C, E, F and T nearly all kinds of damage are covered by this fund. Damage to the high-end bikes of categories B, D G and S are only covered up to € 450.
    • The fund does not cover: Any kind of tyre problem, lost bike parts or stolen bikes. For these things you are still fully responsible. 
      If a mechanic has to come to repair a bike which has been damaged through fault on your part, we will charge the same amount as we would for delivery to that zone.
    • Liability in case of accident:
      The hirer should have coverage through his own accident and liability insurance. Velosport Mallorca is not responsible under any circumstances for accidents or damage caused to the hirer or for accidents or damage which the hirer causes to any third party or for cases of liability.
    • Liability in case of theft: If your rental bike gets stolen or you lose bike parts, such as the computer or the mini pump on the frame, you are responsible and liable for the loss. If a bike gets stolen you have to inform us immediately and if you have insurance at home which may pay for the stolen bike you will have to ask for a police report at the local police station. Velo Sport will charge for a stolen bike as follows:
      Bike type A € 350 – E € 650 – F € 750 – C € 850 – D € 2000 – S & B & G € 2500
      For missing bike parts we charge the value of the part, for example; Computer € 15,-, mini pump € 10, saddle bag € 5.
       A simple cable lock is not real security against theft, only a heavy iron lock/ D-lock offers good protection. We do not supply such locks so we recommend that you bring one with you. We suggest: On the road keep 2 eyes on the bike at all times - this is the best protection and at your hotel or rental house take the bike inside to your room. We only recommend bike storage rooms at hotels if they offer individual locker systems, video cameras or similar security systems. Ask at the hotel who is responsible if a bike gets stolen from a storage room - the hotel or you?!